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Cybersecurity for the Manufacturing Industry

Date: October 14, 2020

Time:  12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Location: Virtual ZOOM Meeting

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2020 has been one of the most astounding years in recent human history. Destructive in many ways, challenging in others, breath taking in human resourcefulness! Careful construction of information systems were “destroyed” rapidly as staff moved from corporate offices to “secure home offices” overnight, creating further avenues for CyberDisruption from a variety of sources.  cybersecurity

Risks of complete factory shutdowns for days or weeks or for literally millions can devastate your operation. This scenario can potentially be avoided if managed with the right input/resources.

FenMan offers the Manufacturing Industry remarkable access to a leader in the cybersecurity field, giving them an opportunity to dramatically reduce the risk of a wide range of “cyber crime” . . . through to including massive CyberRansoms!

Speaker: Jay Heidecker

I have 15 years of core IT experience with a focus on information security. I have run the gamut from generic service and support to infrastructure and application specialties, architecture and design and, most recently, cyber-threat detection and mitigation.

I truly believe in technology as a tool to help make the world a better place; a philosophy that goes beyond “IT”. In every engagement, I strive to maintain the innovation and drive that attracted me to technology in the first place. No professional moment is more satisfying than seeing a solution solve real business problems!

In the years to come I hope to lead and mentor the next generation of IT professionals. To guide and encourage these professionals and encourage them to stay on the cutting edge.

IT industry’s advancement requires us to be creative, passionate and open minded. Moving to IT 2.0; not just the geeks that make it work, but the architects of a better future.

Specialties: Information Security and Security Analysis, ArcSight ESM, VMWare, Cyber Security